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Planvenguts, welcome to the site of the Observatory ©, a tool designed to collect and analyse public data and information related to the Occitan language. Structuring Occitan associations such as the development of public policy in favour of its teaching, its transmission, socialisation, make necessary the reference tool that is the Observatory ©.
This website, a resource centre for Observatòri © is structured according to four main headings:

- Occitan Language: This section includes data, news and research on the teaching of language, through associative chains and national education and adult education / training.
- Public Policy: This section assesses the structuring, the means given and the effectiveness of public policy in the French state at different administrative levels.
- Network: various lobbying and information networks exist in Occitania, France, in Europe and internationally. Here you will find out different events and reports of these networks.
- Language Rights : They are everyone's concern, and non-compliance (treaties, laws, international laws, ...) should be denounced.
Finally, the objective of the « Alert » section is to officially alert the Observatory © in order to publicise any discrimination or major news covering the various areas identified in this website, and notify, if necessary, international, national, regional and local governments.
► For further information, you will find here a map of Occitania and a document with information on occitan.